Technical Help

Technical help is available as you use your computer and/or television access to participate in Honolulu CC Online classes. Select one of the additional resources below for online help.

Cable Courses

Students must subscribe to Oceanic Time Warner Cable 'Basic Cable Service' at a minimum in order to receive lectures. Cable Channels are broadcast STATEWIDE on Digital Channel 46.55 or Cable Box Channel 355. For UH students with older, non-digital televisions, Oceanic will provide digital converter boxes free of charge. The boxes are available now at any Oceanic Customer Care Center. Cable Courses, which are funded by Oceanic Cable subscriptions, are not available from Direct TV, The Dish Network or other non-Oceanic Cable TV providers.

It is recommended that students have available a DVR, VCR, TIVO or other taping device for lecture recording and review. DVDs of all Honolulu CC Courses are available to registered students at select UH System Campus Libraries. On Oʻahu, DVDs are only available at the Honolulu Community College Library. On neighbor islands, DVDs are available at all Campus Libraries/Education Centers. All courses are also streamed on UH VOD (Video on Demand) for students who miss a broadcast. (Note: This is not the recommended viewing method due to the small size of internet video; onscreen graphics, text and numbers may not be readable/legible).

Interactions between student and faculty is primarily done via Laulima and email. Some instructors require use of course websites, blogs, forums and chat rooms Students should have dependable computer/Internet access, browser, basic computer and word processing skills, and be proficient in navigating the World Wide Web and downloading. For more information, consult specific course syllabus.

Online Courses

Students must have dependable computer/Internet access, browser, basic computer and word processing skills, be proficient in navigating the World Wide Web and downloading files, and use a UH email address. Students must email the instructor by the end of the first day of the semester. Interaction between student and faculty is via the Laulima course website.

Broadcast Problems for Cable Courses

If you experience cable course broadcast problems, call your instructor or the coordinator’s office (845-9234) or Olelo (834-0007 ext. 120) with the following information:

  • Course name
  • Program Number or Name
  • Date
  • Time of Broadcast
  • Difficulty experienced (e.g. no sound)

With this information, the problem can be corrected most expeditiously.

Go to Tips on taking a Cable Course

Laulima Help

For general information about Laulima, go to the student TALENT site.

For specific problems or questions, log into Laulima and fill out a Request Assistance form.

Other Resources