Sexual Assault Policy

Honolulu CC is committed to ensuring a safe and secure college environment for all students and employees and will not tolerate acts of sexual assault. Sexual offense is defined as any forcible or nonforcible sexual act directed against another person without that person’s consent (Definitions in Part V. "Sexual Offenses," Sections 707-741, Hawaiʻi Penal Code). Any member of the Honolulu CC community who commits a sexual offense is subject to criminal prosecution and college disciplinary procedures. Under the University of Hawaiʻi Community College disciplinary procedures, a variety of sanctions may be imposed.

For students, the Dean of Student Services or designee will be responsible for any campus administrative action by the College against a student assailant in accordance with the Honolulu CC Student Conduct Code. The Code provides sanctions ranging from warning, probation, restitution, temporary suspension, suspension, and expulsion. Employee assailants are subject to sanctions in accordance with State of Hawaiʻi and University of Hawaiʻi Rules and Regulations, and provisions of collective bargaining agreements. Appropriate sanctions may be taken up to and including termination of employment. College disciplinary procedures provide due process protection for the accuser and the accused. Both are entitled to have others present during a disciplinary hearing, and both shall be informed of the outcomes of any institutional disciplinary proceeding brought alleging a sex offense, pursuant to provisions of collective bargaining agreements and the State Uniform Information Practices Act.

Employees may use on-campus procedures and file complaints with the EEO/AA Officer or designee who is responsible for investigating the complaint.

When a sexual offense occurs, the victim has the option of notifying proper law enforcement authorities both on campus (Campus Security) and off campus (Police). Preserving evidence for the proof of a criminal offense is important. The appropriate on-campus support staff which may include the Honolulu CC Health Nurse, Mental Health Counselor, the Dean of Student Services and the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services may be contacted for further assistance. Offcampus counseling and services for victims of sexual offenses such as Sex Abuse Treatment Center may be contacted upon the request of the victim. The student victim may request reasonable changes to his/her academic schedule in order that they may safely continue their studies at Honolulu CC. Honolulu CC will take all steps to ensure confidentiality of any sexual offense victim.

To promote campus safety, information regarding sexual offenses such as rape, date/acquaintance rape, and other forcible and non-forcible sexual offenses are shared with students at new student orientation sessions. In addition, other educational programming related to these topics may be offered at other times during the academic year. Also, an annual security report is disseminated to current students and employees, and available to prospective students and employees upon request.