Academic Alert

It's really frustrating when a student simply stops coming to class or else doesn't seek timely help when struggling. The College Achievement and Retention Experience (C.A.R.E.) wants to help you help these students. Whenever you have a student struggling academically or else with attendance, please let us know. Even if the student is too far behind to pass, we'd still like to meet to encourage the student to remain in school. By entering the necessary information on our Early Alert System, we can communicate immediately with the student. In talking with students, we want to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to increase their chances of success in a course by participating in active and effective strategies for improvement.
  • Support student learning by connecting students with necessary support services.
  • Encourage a culture of even greater support between students, faculty, and staff at Honolulu Community College.

Additional information on best practices, examples of syllabi statements and the alert process can be found on the link below:

Criteria for a MySuccess Referral [PDF]

Access the Early Alert System

If you don't wish to use Early Alert, please email us at or call 844-2353.