How to Apply

Applying for financial aid is a yearly process. The FAFSA must be completed every year in order to receive financial aid for each school year. Here is a video of the financial aid application process.


Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step toward receiving federal aid for college. There are two ways to complete the FAFSA:

Online at

  • This is the recommended way for you to complete a financial aid application because it is safe, fast, and easy.
  • You (and your parent if applicable) must have FSA ID. If you don't have one, you may create one by following the prompts on the FAFSA. The FSA ID will be used to sign the application electronically. If you are unable to enter your FSA ID, you must print out the signature page and mail it with the required signatures.
  • Make sure to read the instructions carefully.
  • Be sure to add our Federal School Code: 001612.

Paper Application

  • Request a paper application by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID or download a PDF Paper Application at (click on 'FAFSA Filing Options').
  • Use a BLACK ink pen and fill in ovals completely.
  • Print clearly in CAPITAL letters, skip a box between words, and do not include cents (round to the nearest dollar).
  • Be sure to add our Federal School Code: 001612.
  • Complete ALL required sections and do not leave blanks.
  • Be sure that you (and your parents if applicable) sign the application.
  • Mail the FAFSA to the Federal Processor at:

    Federal Student Aid Programs
    P.O. Box 7650
    London, KY 40742-7650

Your FAFSA information will be sent to our school, and our office will use it to determine the aid you may be eligible for. All important financial aid information is sent via email. If additional information is required to correctly process your financial aid, you will be notified through your UH email. Student requirements can also be found on MyUH Services. Once all student requirements have been successfully completed, it generally takes about 4-6 weeks to process a student's financial aid application. When your financial aid award has been finalized, an email notification will be sent to your UH email.

Priority Dates

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is open for students beginning October 1. We encourage students to complete the FAFSA as early as they can to get the most favorable financial aid award. Below are our school's priority dates for financial aid. You may still apply after these dates, but be prepared to pay for tuition and other needed educational expenses until you are awarded financial aid. Our priority deadlines are as followed:

Fall Semester - March 1st

Spring Semester - October 1st

Federal School Code

The Honolulu Community College Federal School code is 001612.


For questions regarding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the financial aid application process, you may refer to these resources for help: