Interstate Passport

Photo of Honolulu CC campus with Intertstate Passport logo

Honolulu Community College is part of the Interstate Passport Network. The Interstate Passport was developed to make it easier for students to transfer general education course credits that they worked hard to earn, by streamlining the process and saving students money and time it takes to complete degrees.

Instead of worrying about course-to-course articulation, Network institutions agree to accept completed general education requirements as a block. Students who transfer to or from HonCC with a Passport from a participating institution will not have to repeat lower-division general education courses. Completion of a Passport means that a student has achieved learning outcomes in the following areas:

  • Foundational Skills: Oral communication, written communication, quantitative literacy
  • Knowledge of Concepts: Natural sciences, human cultures, creative expression, human society and the individual
  • Crosscutting Skills: Critical thinking and teamwork/value systems.
  • HonCC Passport Blocks

The Interstate Passport program offers students:

  • An early milestone on the way to a credential.
  • Advance knowledge that lower-division general education learning in the Interstate Passport’s nine areas will be recognized upon transfer to another Network member institution.
  • The potential for faster time to degree, lower cost, less debt, and lower foregone earnings from unduplicated learning.
  • A streamlined transfer process and a greater likelihood of successful transfer and completion.

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Visit Interstate Passport Network for a list of member institutions and more information.