Registration Guide

Spring 2021 (January 11 - May 14)

  • November 9 - First Day of Spring Registration
  • November 9 - Spring Early Registration begins, for Continuing Students enrolled in Fall 2020 at any UH Campus. Register on STAR (See Spring Early Registration Timetable below)
  • November 13 - Spring Registration begins for New, Re-admit and Transfer Students. All New Students must complete Orientation online and sign up for registration session.
  • January 8, 2021, 4:00 PM HST - Payment deadline for Spring 2021 registration unless students enroll in a Payment Plan.

Spring 2021 Early Registration Timetable

36+ credits Monday, November 9
24+ credits Tuesday, November 10
18+ credits Wednesday, November 11
6+ credits Thursday, November 12
0+ credits Friday, November 13

Note: If there is a problem that prevents you from registering for the class (e.g. class is closed or you do not meet the prerequisites), you will receive a "Registration Error" message. View the help doc at regarding registration errors you may receive.

Finding Your Classes

Special Schedules

Payment Deadlines

Payment must be received or you must sign up for the payment plan by 4:00 pm (HST) on Friday, January 8, 2021.

If you are no longer interested in taking a course and do not wish to be charged, you are responsible for withdrawing from any courses following applicable refund deadlines to avoid incurring any financial obligations.

If you are awarded financial aid, you will not have your classes canceled. If you have not yet received notice of a financial aid award, you should check with your home campus Financial Aid Office. Check with the Records Office if you have any questions regarding your registration.

View Payment Plan information

Final Exam Schedule

View Spring 2021 Final Exam Schedule [PDF]

View Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule [PDF]

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