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Liberal Arts

Courses at the 100- and 200-level are offered to meet the University of Hawaiʻi general education requirements and may be applied towards a four-year baccalaureate degree

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Career and Technical Education

Honolulu Community College has established itself as the premier career and technical training center in the state of Hawaiʻi

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The Apprenticeship Training program provides related instruction to those on Oʻahu who are apprenticing in various construction and mechanical trades.

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“The communication arts program experience has been amazing over the last two years. Not only did I gain technical skills, which was the reason I first enrolled, but more importantly I learned so much about myself.”

Isaac Ikeda

Isaac Ikeda, a Honolulu Community College communication arts student, won Pele Gold in the student category for his integrated branding campaign for a smokehouse food truck, Hilo Bay Ken.

The Pele Awards competition is an AAF American Advertising Awards District 13 competition that recognizes the best advertising and design work created in Hawaiʻi during the preceding calendar year.

Not a stranger to competition, he was also a part of the winning team in the 2015 Ad Up Hawaiʻi competition which brings together local professionals in marketing, advertising, public relations and artists of all kinds together to form "mini agency teams" and prepare marketing campaigns for pre-selected non-profit organizations.

Teams get the challenge of completing their campaign and pitch prep in an intense 9-hour period. Ikeda was the only student to participate in this competition.

Ikeda will graduate on May 13. When asked what his career aspiration is, Ikeda simply stated, "Creative director" that is the goal, creative director at an ad agency. I know that it is a long way from here but I'm willing to take every step to get there. In the nearer future I plan to build my portfolio with non-profit work and variety, my secret recipe to success.

Check out the rest of his work at isaacnoeau.com.

It doesn't matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.

Robert Silva

Robert Silva, Jr., an automotive instructor at Honolulu Community College, takes great joy in sharing his automobile knowledge with his students. But for a long time, he wasn't even allowed to drive.

Silva originally graduated from the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa in 1995 with a degree in Hawaiian Studies, and for 2 years, he worked as a math teacher at Damien High School. It was only in 2005, after having surgery to resolve the epileptic seizures that prevented him from driving, that he rediscovered his love of cars.

After the surgery, he started working on his old Mustang, the same car which he had crashed years earlier as a result of a seizure while driving. Silva said if it hadn't been for his former medical condition preventing him from driving, he doesn't know if he would have even been interested in cars at all.

Living in Kaneʻohe, Silva today teaches Automotive Electrical II and Air Conditioning for the Honolulu CC automotive department. Aside from his teaching duties, he also engages in traditional Hawaiian weaving and carving on campus. It's something else to do with his hands other than fixing cars, Silva said.

Silva bases his teaching style off the way he learned during the years he was a student at Honolulu CC. Considering the mechanical and technical aspects of the automotive field, Silva stresses math, physics, and electronics. Brute strength is no longer a requisite when working around cars. For Silva, the desire to know more goes hand-in-hand with teaching.

My experience has been nothing but positive, supportive, and irreplaceable. I have met a lot of remarkable people who have helped me a great deal on my academic journey.

Jayleen Barino

My experience has been nothing but positive, supportive, and irreplaceable. I have met a lot of remarkable people who have helped me a great deal on my academic journey. Each person at the Hawaiian Center, whether a peer mentor or faculty member, has taken the time to listen, support and help me along my academic journey.

They supported my education by letting my, then, six-month old daughter accompany me to summer class and work at the Center. As an employed, young mother and student it really meant a lot that I could care for my daughter, attend my summer class and work all at the same time. I have a huge amount of gratitude for this support system that no verbs and nouns could fully encompass how thankful I am.

Honolulu Community College has been a memorable and eye-opening experience. I have met so many amazing people who have helped me, immensely, on my academic journey as well as my journey of who I am as a Native Hawaiian. I have grown, not just as a student, but overall as a sister, daughter, mother, and friend.

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