Month: November 2022

  • Paint & Eat Day

    Paint & Eat Day

    HonCC Students gathered in the Student Lounge for a Paint n’ Eat event hosted by the CSOs (Chartered Student Organizations) where students could enjoy their lunch while participating in a creative activity.

  • Skye Sagisi

    Skye Sagisi

    View more works here:

  • Nail Art Designs

    Nail Art Designs

    HonCC Students gathered for a “Feeling Bootiful” Spa Days event hosted by the CSOs (Chartered Student Organizations). These are a few of their entries for a Halloween-themed nail design contest.

  • Build a Charcuterie Board

    Build a Charcuterie Board

    HonCC students gathered in the cafeteria to learn from one of our chefs how to construct their own personal charcuterie board with various meats, cheese, fruits, . This event was sponsored by the CSOs (Chartered Student Organizations).

  • Halloween Costumes

    Halloween Costumes

    Halloween Costumes by Fashion Technology Students Fashion Technology Program at Honolulu Community College:

  • Thrive Alive

    Thrive Alive

    Thrive Alive by Charles Gambino, aka Churz Description: I made a video to the sing Thrive Alive from my album “Wreckordings.” In the video I’m lighting candles with my fire. I have many albums on all platforms under the name Churz. Follow me on Instagram