Contract Renewal and Tenure | Promotion Dossier Support Materials

A challenging and reflective practice in our work is the renewal of our contracts and our bids for tenure and promotion. The creation of your dossier and its supporting appendices is critical to a successful career on any campus. The materials here are meant to support but cannot guarantee a successful document (of course).

Main advice:

  • Start early
  • Stay methodical
  • Look at samples (UH online dossiers)
  • Ask questions
  • Find support

For Further Support:

Image of fern leave symbolize time and season

In Spring and Summer of 2018, we formed “writing support groups,” for faculty who were preparing their dossier/contract renewals. The purpose of these peer support groups is to square away time in our busy schedules to write, to share our work, and to encourage each other.

Contact the Committee Chair for more information:
April Ching,