Honolulu Community College - Disability Access

Student ACCESS is committed to assuring equal access to Honolulu Community College facilities, programs, activities, and services by students with disabilities. Its goals are:

For more information:

  1. Information for Faculty (03-01-2016)
  2. Information for Staff (09-06-2006)
  3. Information for Students (03-03-2016)
  4. Information for Notetakers [PPT] (03-03-2016)
  5. Access map [PDF] (03-03-2016)

To provide feedback to Student ACCESS on your experience using these services, please print out the Student ACCESS Survey of Service, complete the survey, and submit to Student ACCESS in Building 7, Room 311. Please call 844-2392 for additional questions regarding the survey. Thank you for your time in providing this valuable feedback. (03-01-2016)

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