Voyaging and Maritime Education Program

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of an ocean voyaging crew? Or wanted to learn how to do repair and maintenance work to ocean vessels such as a canoe? Now here's your chance!

Through taking our Voyaging Crew Member training program, you will be introduced to the history and foundations of voyaging, the importance of the waʻa and the kuleana and roles each crew member will need to execute efficiently and safely, to the planning and execution of actual voyaging time on the ocean.

Taking care of our ocean vessels is very important and is critical to keeping the Crew safe on their journey. Through taking our Malama Waʻa program, you will be provided with training on how to utilize shop tools and equipment safely geared specifically for the purposes of repair and fabrication techniques.

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"This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the Polynesian Voyaging Society, navigation, and what it means to be crew. HCC offers these courses at convenient times, after school and work for most people. Our captains were amazing and experienced crew members were always helping and guiding us. Getting out on the ocean in the wa'a was the highlight of the courses!"
- Ocean Voyaging Crew Training Level III Participant

"The class was an amazing learning experience. I gained a tremendous amount of skill and training by going out into weather, through the night, the way we did. Also the late night star line lessons with actual navigators was unforgettable. I feel the class forged us into a working team, with a single goal, care for the canoe and move her forward through the wind, while always remaining safe. I think the four 2 hour classes in preparation was just the right amount of time, and the all day prep of the canoe on the day of sail was the perfect amount of time to make us all feel confident that we were ready to go."
- Ocean Voyaging Crew Training Level III Participant

For questions about the program please contact our Continuing Education Registration Office at 845-9296.