iKEA - Inspiring Knowledge, Empowerment and Achievement



The iKEA program is committed to providing opportunities that enhance, support, develop healthy academic and life skills. iKEA will allow students to self-identify with the necessary tools that will assist them in making positive academic choices.


The iKEA program values:

  • Education: A positive educational experience is important in supporting students who are new, returning, or transferring to Honolulu CC. iKEA , believes that various academic strategies for classroom success is key. Our responsibility is to ensure students are supported with academic subject area tutoring, study skills concepts, and test taking strategies.
  • Community: Having a sense of community and belonging supports students college experience as they transition to college life. We will achieve this by integrating and engaging students into the Honolulu CC Campus Community through Peer Mentors and various on and off-campus program activities.
  • Partnership: Cross campus collaboration is essential in the persistence of our Honolulu CC students. iKEA will continue to bridge the gap between Academic Support, Student Services, and Instruction through on-going transparent communication, professional, and constructive feedback between divisions.
  • Diversity: iKEA recognizes, respects, and supports the diversity and multicultural student population. We will strive to promote a safe learning environment.
  • Professionalism: How students are treated and their interactions with faculty, staff and other students at Honolulu CC are very important to us. The iKEA program will influence the manner in which we interact with individuals and groups to implement policies, and create programs.

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