Office of Policy, Planning, and Institutional Research


The Policy, Planning, and Institutional Research (PPIR) office supports the mission of the college by providing accurate, timely, and reliable information to respond to the needs of various institutional constituencies. In addition, the PPIR office works with the college's Assessment Committee to engage in and support processes for determining and documenting the effectiveness of programs and services and of the institution as a whole in order to foster continuous quality improvement.


  1. Providing timely and accurate information to internal and external constituents.
  2. Supporting college departments and programs with research to meet their information needs.
  3. Providing technical and operational information, and guidance to administrators, faculty and staff to to enhance their decision making processes.
  4. Participating in ongoing and meaningful discussions of the college's purpose and performance.
  5. Reporting on the demographic and statistical profile of the college, its students and staff, in a timely and understandable manner.
  6. Creating linkages between strategic planning, college goals, and institutional data.

Service Area Outcomes

  1. Maintain curriculum records and assist users.
  2. Determine sufficiency of information provided (clarity, usability, appropriateness), timeliness of response to requests; anticipate future college needs.
  3. Improve College program review and assessment by revising current, and creating new, data definitions, metrics, and rubrics.
  4. Provide input to the College Institutional Effectiveness Plan that reflects the current and evolving role of institutional research.
  5. Complete all agreed work requests by the scheduled deadline.
  6. Follow UH Executive Policy E2.214 for handling of sensitive information.